How long is the application process?
When we receive your application, you will be approved within 72 hours max.  Usually it is sooner than this.

When does the lease of a property begin and end?
The check in time for your lease is at noon on your start date. The end of your lease is at noon on your end date.

When is rent due?
Rent is due on the third of every month.

How do I pay rent?
Rent is mailed to our P.O. box unless you live in one of our complexes that provide a drop box. RentWisco P.O. Box 1071 Stevens Point, WI 54481

What is the late fee for any payment made after the third of every month?
The late fee is $50 plus an additional $5 per day after.

Who handles the maintenance of the property?
We are responsible for the maintenance.  Please let us know if there are any issues.

How do I set up a maintenance ticket?
You may request a ticket online or via phone.

When do I receive my security deposit check back?
In the state of Wisconsin, it is the law that with in 21 days of move out we send an itemized list with your security deposit check containing the full amount or deductions based on the state of the property rented.

Is renters insurance required?
We do not require renters insurance, but it is highly recommended.

Does RentWisco allow subleasing?
No we do not. However, if a circumstance arises, you must find qualified renters to take your place and will still be held responsible for your portion of the lease.

Is there a smoking policy?
Smoking is prohibited in all of our properties.

Does RentWisco allow pets?
Some of our properties allow pets. You may find this in the description of the property.

Pre-lease set up:
You must connect before or on the date your lease begins. You will be charged a prorated amount for the difference if this is not completed.

How to set up water:
Please call Stevens Point Water Department at (715)-345-5260.

How to set up gas and electric:
Please call Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) at 1-800-450-7260.

How to set up cable/internet:
We do not allow dish or satellite to be connected to our properties. Please look up your local provider for more information on which service you choose.